Autonomous Robot Hockey

Project Overview

For the final project for Design of Mechatronic systems, my team and I built  the hardware, software, and electronics for 3 autonomous hockey playing robots.

We used strategically placed phototransistors to for puck detection and executed different play commands based on sensor readings. For shooting we used a solenoid powered by large .1 F capacitors. For position estimation we used custom Nintendo Wii sensor to detect a constellation of infrared stars. Game commands are communicated via wireless radio to each robot.

My Role 

Mechanical Design 

I was in charge of mechanical design for each of the robots. Due to the size constraints for each robot, I laser cut circular tiers ,as well as battery holders. Also  I used metal standoffs in order to support the tiers and add rigidity to each robot. Additionally I selected high powered motors to give our robots speed and strength to resist being pushed by other robots. 

Electrical Design 

I designed the motor driver for the forward robot, as well as the circuits for the photo transistors 

Key Skills 

Solidworks, Laser cutting, Analog circuit design,  C