DARPA Tactical Expandable Marine Platform (TEMP) 

Project Overview 

This project is the 1/12th scale of DARPA's Temporary Expandable Marine Platform project. We created a fleet of 0.5 m long modular robotic boats with onboard thrusters, active connectors, and embedded computers can autonomously dock together and form connected structures with controllable variable stiffness. These structures can self-reconfigure into arbitrary shapes. 

More Information

My Role

Prototyping and Design 

To prevent damage to each of the boat modules, I created a water detection sensor which alerted the user to a water leak inside the boat. 

Testing and Validation  

 I was in charge of validating each of the electronic subsystems on board each boat.  Including embedded linux computer, logic translation boards, motor drivers, LED drivers, and water leak sensors.  Additionally, I revised the EAGLE CAD for the translation boards and embedded linux computer break out boards.

Key Skills 

Eagle PCB, Unix, ROS , Analog Circuit Design