Bebop Drone Trajectory Planner

Project Overview 

For this project my team and I used a Parrot® Bebop drone and it's API to execute closed loop trajectories. Using the drone's onboard velocity estimates,  my team and I wrote a controller and a trajectory planner in C, and generated custom shape trajectories using MATLAB. 

More information 

My Role 

Trajectory Generator 

I wrote a trajectory generator that read in coefficients for the start and end positions of each segment of the trajectory and use them to calculate the time-parameterized desired position, velocity, and acceleration for the quadrotor. These values were the desired positions, velocities, and accelerations that I fed into our controller, to generate a closed square trajectory.


I designed the architecture for integrating the controller and trajectory planner into one of the Bebop's demo programs. 

Key Skills 

C,  Unix,  Matlab